An Unitarian Baptist Fellowship Institution (Canada)
251 Laurier Avenue West Unit 900, Ottawa, Ontario - K1P 5J6 - 613.317.1945
I am Rt. Rev Marie Yvonne Community Chaplain & Counselor at Eric Michel Ministry International
I am also a Bishop, president of the House of Bishops, Co-Founder of the Chaplaincy Ministry
and Founder of the New Hope Ministry and Missions.

I would like to tell you a little about myself. I  met Eric about three years ago (2012) and discovered that
we had a lot in common both personally and spiritually. We decided to combine our resources to better
serve those of you that are searching for your own spiritual reality apart from the mainstream religion
that we have been exposed to all of our lives .Eric is from a Christian Gnostic background while my
background is protestant, mainly Baptist. Here we welcome all faiths regardless of your beliefs.
I am a minister trained in Metaphysical Science, I am also licensed to perform Weddings, Funerals, Baby
naming/welcoming and all other rites of passage.  I invite you to browse our website and if you
find that we can meet your needs please come and be a part of our ministry, we need people like you to help us grow and together we
can help each other.

As Metaphysical Minister, I did my studies under the direction of Dr. Paul Leon Masters at the University of Metaphysics in Sedona,
Arizona.  I have my degree as a Metaphysical Minister, Counselor and Practitioner,:My religious background is Catholic and Baptist,
Catholic father, Baptist mother. I became a practicing Baptist after marrying into a Baptist family and followed that faith for many years. I
began my search for the truth and was directed to the University of Metaphysics where I discovered the answers to some of my
I have been an ordained Metaphysical Minister in  December 2010. I am a  non active member of The Jeddore United Baptist Church, I
follow the teachings of the Christian Universalist Church where I discovered that I could remain true to my Christian roots. In the 1980,s I
was a Sunday School Teacher and Sunday School Superintendent and also a member for  many years of the Jeddore Women's
Missionary Society.

Mother of 4 children and 11 grand children. Most of my life was dedicated to the well being of others mainly in the field of counseling in
my community which led to my decision to explore a course in counseling,  which I have continued as part of my ministry. My interest are
in Metaphysics, Early History, Spirituality,  World Religion, Science and Humanity   In the 1970's and 1980's I was also assistant Deacon,
assistant trustee and volunteer. During the 1970's I was also a member of the choir and helped with the youth group. During my time as
Superintendent I began an adult class that was very  well attended ,these years taught me compassion in dealing with people from 3
years to  adult and that has followed me into my decision to go into the ministry today. As a Minister it is not my intention to change in any
way what you believe,my hope is that I can be that person who will listen to your needs, your hopes, your dreams and help in any way
that I can.

Clergy Affiliation:
Jeddore United  Baptist Church
Sedona University of Metaphysics
Christian Universalist
About The Founder
Rt. Rev. Marie Yvonne